I am Karla (-/they) and I am a visual artist and graphic designer based in Hamburg and Leipzig.
In my artistic work I deal with means of representation, forms of labor and public spaces. Together with accomplices I organize exhibitions in apartments and camp in exhibition spaces.

In 2020 I received my diploma of fine arts at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts where I studied in the class of Susan Philipsz. Currently I am a student in Klasse Digitale Grafik at HFBK Hamburg.

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/exhibitions (selection)

2024 We all got the juice!, Kollektiv zur schönen Mense, Kabinett of Zentralwerk Dresden

2024 from 13th of April to 30.6.2024 I am part of the exhibition IN_VERANTWORTUNG in Motorenhalle Dresden. The opening is on friday, 12.04.2024, from 8PM.

2023 We work so much - who will ever see this apartment exhibition Hamburg

2023 R36, apartment exhibition, Dresden

2023 G15, apartment exhibition, Dresden

2023 my channel Dude with Doves , an ongoing exploration of the performance of kindness within masculinity, was part of the are.na annual release event in Hamburg

2023 contain==release annual exhibition of Klasse Digitale Grafik, HFBK Hamburg

2022 CAMP, residency project, Galerie Ladøns, Hamburg

2022 Planetarium, (solo), Einstellungsraum Hamburg

2021 Keine Zeit für Zukunft - Futur 3 Festival, (group) Kiel

2021 Frauen*zimmer 2, apartment exhibition, Dresden

2021 STAMP Festival (altonale), Hamburg

2021 Palmen aus Plastik, Playa de las Teresitas, Teneriffa, ES

2020 Existenz: Spuren, Oktogon. Kunsthalle der HfBK Dresden

2020 Diplome 2020, Oktogon. Kunsthalle der HfBK Dresden

2020 FRAUEN*ZIMMER, apartment exhibition, Dresden

2020 Space Baitler for sewing machines, Galerie Ursula Walter, Dresden

2020 Fe*male Intervention Ausstellung, C. Rockefeller Center Dresden

2019 if you happen to be north of the polar circle, you can visit a bronze sculpture of mine at Lavangsnes Wunderkammer Sculpture Park

2019 Kunst für Humanismus/Art for Humanism, Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau, Dresden

2019 The Leader’s Room/ Herrschaftszimmer 48h Neukölln, Berlin

2019 OTTHON/ Kunstprojekt für das Wohnen, Budapest, HU

2019 Bottom Up: The Leaders‘ Room/Herrschaftszimmer, performance, Budapest HU

2018 Pretend This Will Happen, group show in an apartment in Budapest HU

2018 Existenz Kapitel 1: Skizzen, Oktogon. Kunsthalle der HfBK Dresden

2017 School of Arts Vol. IV, Oktogon. Kunsthalle der HfBK Dresden

2016 Rallye Dresden - Ostrava und zurück, Dul Michal, Ostrava CZ

/collecitve and curatorial

since 2020 ongoing collaboration with Alen Bichler, organisation and curation of (exhibition) projects in off-spaces and other places. bichler-krey.de

2019–2021 Fe*male Intervention platform with Lisa Maria Baier, Alen Bichler and Alex Lueder

2018–2019 Bottom_Up Collective with Max Griesche, Nele Mai and Anna Túdos, organisation of apartment exhibitions in Budpast (HU)

/graphic design

2024 lately i published a typeface called KK Schirft.

2023 Passion Bar digital menu and timetable for a bar and party by Klasse Digitale Grafik and Klasse Grafik for the HFBK Hamburg Graduate Show 2023.

2023 morning(s) style your website (without knowing, what will style itself next) on the basis how you feel in the morning

10.22 together with Stina Frenz and Hannah Shong I developed the editorial concept for HFBK Hamburgs Lerchenfeld Magazine issues 63–73.

/awards and grants

2023 project funding by K.H. Dietze Stiftung

2023 project funding Bezirksamt Hamburg Mitte

2020 netzwerk kreativ funding

2020 Kleinprojekteförderung (small project funding) from the Office for Culture and Monument Protection of the City of Dresden for Fe*male Intervention


2024 artisttalk on social responsibility as part of the exhibition "IN VERANTWORTUNG", riesaefau (Motorenhalle), Dresden

2022 How to Make Art for Public Spaces, Panel mit Susanne Altmann, Karla Krey, Isabell Meldner und Caroline Petri, HfBK Dresden

2021 Banden bilden!, panel on collective work mit Fe*male Intervention, In the Meantime, Tamika and Naomi Odhiambo, Tiger.Riots, (online)

2020 Wir wollen die ganze Bäckerei: Feministische Organisation an der Kunsthochschule panel with Cake and Cash Curatorial Collective and Fe*male Intervention at RC3, online

2020 Physical Rules (don‘t) Apply Here?!, Artisttalk with Paul Barsch, (online)

2020 Das ist unser Raum – Podiumsgespräch zu feministischen Interventionen an Kunsthochschulen, at Pop and Squat Festival, online